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Dashboard Confessional - Lyrics

Dashboard Confessional - Album - Dusk And Summer

Slow Decay
Rooftops & Invitations
Reason To Believe
Heaven Here
Don't Wait
Dusk & Summer
So Long, So Long
The Secret's In The Telling

Dashboard Confessional - Album - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

Several Ways To Die Trying
Bend And Not Break
Rapid Hope Loss
So Beautiful
Am I Missing
Carry This Picture
If You Can't Leave It Be, Might As Well Make It Bleed
Hands Down
Carve Your Heart Out Yourself
The Ghost Of A Good Thing
As Lovers Go
Hey Girl
Morning Calls

Dashboard Confessional - Album - So Impossible

So Impossible
Hands Down
For You To Notice...
Remember To Breathe

Dashboard Confessional - Album - The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

Standard Lines
Carry This Picture
This Bitter Pill
Hands Down
The Good Fight
As Lovers Go
The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Bend And Not Break
Again I Go Unnoticed
Rapid Hope Loss

Dashboard Confessional - Album - The Swiss Army Romance

Rapid Hope Loss
Ender Will Save Us All
A Plain Morning
Living In Your Letters
Again I Go Unnoticed
Turpentine Chaser
The Sharp Hint Of New Tears
Shirts And Gloves
Age Six Racer
The Swiss Army Romance

Dashboard Confessional - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Anyone, Anyone
For Justin

Dashboard Confessional - Biography

Dashboard Confessional - Biography

Dashboard Confessional - Links

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