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Foxy Brown - Lyrics

Foxy Brown - Album - Broken Silence

Hood Scriptures
Saddest Day (feat. Wayne Wonder)
Broken Silence - Intro
Gangsta Boogie
Oh Yeah (feat. Spragga Benz)
'Bout My Paper (feat. Mystikal)
Tables Will Turn (feat. Baby Cham)
So Hot (Remix) feat. Young Gavin
The Letter (feat. Ronald Isley)
Na Na Be Like
Run Dem (feat. Baby Cham)
Broken Silence (feat. Darius)
Fallin' (feat. Young Gavin)
Candy (feat. Kelis)
I Don't Care (feat. Chyna White)
B.K. Anthem
Run Yo Shit (feat. CNN)

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