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Hilary Duff - Lyrics

Hilary Duff - Album - Most Wanted

Our Lips Are Sealed (feat. Haylie Duff)
Who's That Girl? (Acoustic)
The Getaway
Break My Heart
The Girl Can Rock (Remix 2005)
So Yesterday
Come Clean (Remix 2005)
Why Not (Remix 2005)
Wake Up
Rock This World (Remix 2005)
Party Up (Dance Remix)
Mr. James Dean
Beat Of My Heart
Jericho (Remix 2005)

Hilary Duff - Album - Hilary Duff

I Am
My Generation
Do You Want Me?
Dangerous To Know
Someone's Watching Over Me
Hide Away
The Last Song
Underneath This Smile
Rock This World
The Getaway
Who's That Girl?
Mr. James Dean

Hilary Duff - Album - Metamorphosis

Love Just Is
Where Did I Go Right?
Why Not
Come Clean
Party Up
The Math
Little Voice
Inner Strength
So Yesterday
Sweet Sixteen
Anywhere But Here
Girl Can Rock
Workin' It Out

Hilary Duff - Album - Santa Claus Lane

Wonderful Christmas Time
Santa Claus Lane
Tell Me A Story (feat. Lil' Romeo)
I Heard Santa On The Radio (feat. Christina Milian)
Same Old Christmas (feat. Haylie Duff)
Sleigh Ride
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Last Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock

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