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Ja Rule - Lyrics

Ja Rule - Album - The Last Temptation

Murder Reigns
Last Temptation (feat. Charli Baltimore)
Thug Lovin' (feat. Bobby Brown)
Connected (feat. Crooked I, Eastwood)
Rock Star
Murder Me (feat. Alexi, Caddillac Tah)
Destiny (Outro)
The Warning
Pop Niggas (feat. P. Williams)
Mesmerize (feat. Ashanti)
The Pledge (Remix feat. Nas, Ashanti, 2pac)

Ja Rule - Album - Pain is Love

Always On Time (feat. Ashanti)
Lost Little Girl
Smokin And Ridin (feat. 0-1, Jodie Mack)
Never Again
Pain is Love
The Inc.
Big Remo (Skit)
I'm Real (Murda Mix) feat. Jennifer Lopez
Down Ass Bitch (feat. Charli Baltimore)
So Much Pain (feat. 2Pac)
Dial M for Murder
Livin' it Up (feat. Case)
X (feat. Missy Elliott, Tweet)
Worldwide Gangstas (feat. The Murderers)

Ja Rule - Album - 3:36

Fuck You (feat. 01 and Vita)
Watching Me
The Rule Won't Die
6 Feet Underground
Between Me And You (feat. Christina Milian)
It's Your Life (feat. Shade Sheist)
Die (feat. Black Child, Tah Murdah)
Put It On Me (Radio Version) feat. Vita and Lil' Mo
One of Us
Extasy (feat. Tah Murdah, Black Child, Jayo Felony)
Love Me, Hate Me
Put it On Me (feat. Vita)
I Cry (feat. Lil' Mo)

Ja Rule - Album - Venni Vetti Vecci

Suicide Freestyle (feat. Case)
Only Begotten Son
Holla, Holla
Murda 4 Life (feat. Memphis Bleek)
Count On Your Nigga
We Here Now
Nigguz Theme (feat. Black Child, Case)
Race Against Time
The March Prelude
E-Dub and Ja (feat. Erick Sermon)
Let's Ride
Story to Tell
The Murderers (feat. Black Child, Tah Murda)
Kill 'Em All (feat. Jay-Z)
Daddy's Little Baby (feat. Ronald Isley)
It's Murda (feat. Jay-Z, DMX)
World's Most Dangerous (feat. Nemesis)

Ja Rule - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Down 4 U (Down Ass Bitch Remix)
Between Me and You (Remix)
Down 4 U (feat. Vita, Ashanti, Charlie Baltimore)

Ja Rule - Biography

Ja Rule - Biography

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Jennifer Lopez

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