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Mandy Moore - Lyrics

Mandy Moore - Album - Mandy Moore

One Sided Love
Split Chick
In My Pocket
Turn The Clock Around
Saturate Me
From Loving You
It Only Took A Minute
When I Talk To You
You Remind Me

Mandy Moore - Album - So Real

Let Me Be the One
Walk Me Home
Love Shot
So Real
Quit Breaking My Heart
Love You For Always
What You Want
Not Too Young
Lock Me In Your Heart
I Like It

Mandy Moore - Album - I Wanna Be With You

I Wanna Be With You
Walk Me Home
Want You Back
So Real
Lock Me In Your Heart
Everything My Heart Desires
Your Face
I Like It
The Way to My Heart

Mandy Moore - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Someday We'll Know (feat. Jonathan Foreman)
Could've Been
Top Of The World
Only Hope
Stupid Cupid
It's Gonna Be Love

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