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Melissa Etheridge - Lyrics

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Skin

Lover Please
The Different
It's Only Me
Walking On Water
Please Forgive Me
The Prison
Heal Me
I Want To Be In Love
Down To One

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Breakdown

Mama I'm Strange
Into The Dark
Touch And Go
How Would I Know
Truth Of The Heart
Stronger Than Me
Enough Of Me
Cherry Avenue
Angels Would Fall
My Lover

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Your Little Secret

Your Little Secret
All The Way To Heaven
Nowhere To Go
Shriner's Park
I Want To Come Over
I Really Like You
This War Is Over
I Could've Been You
An Unusual Kiss

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Yes I Am

Come To My Window
I Will Never Be The Same
If I Wanted To
Talking To My Angel
Yes I Am
Silent Legacy
I'm The Only One
All American Girl

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Never Enough

Must Be Crazy For Me
It's For You
The Boy Feels Strange
Place Your Hand
Ain't It Heavy
The Letting Go
Meet Me In The Back
Dance Without Sleeping
Keep It Precious

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Brave And Crazy

Let Me Go
The Angels
Skin Deep
No Souvenirs
You Used To Love To Dance
My Back Door
You Can Sleep While I Drive
Royal Station 4/16
Brave And Crazy

Melissa Etheridge - Album - Melissa Etheridge

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Like The Way I Do
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Don't You Need
Chrome Plated Heart
I Want You
Precious Pain

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