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Michelle Branch - Lyrics

Michelle Branch - Album - Hotel Paper

Hotel Paper
Find My Way Back
Desperately (feat. Jessica Harp)
Tuesday Morning
It's You
Where Are You Now?
Are You Happy Now?
Love Me Like That (feat. Sheryl Crow)
Til I Get Over You
Empty Handed
One Of These Days

Michelle Branch - Album - Broken Bracelet

I'd Rather Be In Love
Sweet Misery
Second Chances
Stewart's Coat
Washing Machine
Goodbye To You
Paper Pieces
If Only She Knew
Leap Of Faith
I'll Always Be Right There

Michelle Branch - Album - Spirit Room

If Only She Knew
Something To Sleep To
You Get Me
Goodbye To You
Sweet Misery
You Set Me Free
Second Chances
I'd Rather Be In Love
Here With Me
All You Wanted
Drop In The Ocean

Michelle Branch - Album - Unknown (other songs)

The Game Of Love (feat. Santana)

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Sheryl Crow

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