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Placebo - Lyrics

Placebo - Album - Sleeping With Ghosts

Special Needs
The Bitter End
Second Sight
English Summer Rain
Sleeping With Ghosts
I'll Be Yours
Something Rotten
Protect Me From What I Want
This Picture

Placebo - Album - Without You I'm Nothing

Without You I'm Nothing
Evil Dildo
Brick Shithouse
Summer's Gone
The Crawl
Ask For Answers
Burger Queen
Pure Morning
My Sweet Prince
Burger Queen (french)
You Don't Care About Us
Scared Of Girls
Every You Every Me

Placebo - Album - Placebo

I Know
36 Degrees
Lady Of The Flowers
Come Home
Nancy Boy
Bruise Pristine
Hang On To Your IQ
Teenage Angst

Placebo - Album - Black Market Music

Splite And Malice
Peeping Tom
Taste In Men
Commercial For Levi
Black Eyed
Special K
Slave To The Wage
Passive Aggressive
Black Market Blood
Days Before You Came
Blue American

Placebo - Album - Unknown (other songs)

20th Century Boy
Then The Clouds Will Open For Me
Drawning By Numbers
Miss Moneypenny
Bigmouth Strikes Again
Kitsch Object
Flesh Mechanic
Dark Globe
Mars Landing Party
Been Smoking Too Long
Johnny & Mary
Waiting For The Son Of Man
Eyesight To The Blind

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