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Redman - Lyrics

Redman - Album - Blackout

Tear It Off (feat. Method Man)
Well All Rite Cha (feat. Method Man)
Four Seasons (feat. Method Man, Ja Rule, LL Cool J)
Dat's Dat Shit (feat. Redman, Mally G-'Jamal', Young Zee)
Maaad Crew (feat. Method Man)
How High (feat. Method Man)
Blackout (feat. Method Man)
Da Rockwilder (feat. Method Man)
Fire Ina Hole (feat. Method Man)
The ? (feat. Method Man)
Y.O.U. (feat. Method Man)
1, 2, 1, 2 (feat. Method Man)
Big Dogs (feat. Method Man)
Cereal Killer (feat. Method Man)
Cheka (feat. Method Man)
Run 4 Cover (feat. Method Man, Ghostface, Street Life)
Mi Casa (feat. Method Man)

Redman - Album - Malpractice

Diggy Doc
Da Bullshit (feat. Icarus)
Let's Get Dirty (feat. DJ Kool)
J.U.M.P. (feat. George Clinton)
Lick A Shot
Doggz II
Enjoy Da Ride (feat. Method Man, Saukrates, Streetlife)
WKYA (Drop)

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