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Seal - Lyrics

Seal - Album - Seal IV

Get It Together
Heavenly... (Good Feeling)
Waiting For You
Loneliest Star
Don't Make Me Wait
Let Me Roll
Love's Divine
Where There's Gold
Tinsel Town
My Vision

Seal - Album - Human Being

State Of Grace
Still Love Remains
Excerpt From (Let's Fall In Love)
Just Like You Said
Human Beings Reprise
Human Beings
Lost My Faith
Latest Craze
No Easy Way
When A Man Is Wrong

Seal - Album - Seal

Newborn Friend
Fast Changes
I'm Alive
Prayer For The Dying
People Asking Why
Don't Cry
If I Could
Bring It On
Kiss From A Rose
Bring It On (Reprise)
Dreaming In Metaphors

Seal - Album - Debut

The Beginning
Future Love Paradise
Show Me
Deep Water

Seal - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Manic Depression
Who Wants To Live Forever
A Minor Groove
Hey Joe
Stone Free
Blues In 'E'
Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Love Is Powerful
This Could Be Heaven
Fly Like An Eagle
Bird Of Freedom
Out Of The Window
The Wind Cries Mary
Come See What Love Has Done

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