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Sean Paul - Lyrics

Sean Paul - Album - The Trinity

Head In The Zone
Oh Man (feat. Daddy Yankee)
Yardie Bone (feat. Wayne Marshall)
All On Me (feat. Tami Chynn)
Send It On
Head To Toe
Fire Links Intro
I'll Take You There
The Trinity
Ever Blazing
Give It Up To Me
Straight Up
We Be Burnin
Never Gonna Be The Same
Change The Game (feat. Looga Man, Kid Kurupt)
Eye Deh A Mi Knee
Connection (feat. Nina Sky)

Sean Paul - Album - Dutty Rock

Get Busy
Bubble (feat. Farenheit)
Shout (Street Respect)
I'm Still In Love With You (feat. Sasha)
Esa Loca (feat. Tony Touch, R.O.B.B.)
Like Glue
Gimme The Light (Remix feat. Busta Rhymes)
Can You Do The Work (feat. Ce'Cile)
Shake That Thing
Gimme The Light
My Name
International Affair (feat. Debbie Nova)
Punkie (Espanol)

Sean Paul - Album - Unknown (other songs)


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Busta Rhymes

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