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Sting - Lyrics

Sting - Album - Sacred Love

Send Your Love
Sacred Love
Forget About The Future
Dead Man's Rope
The Book Of My Life
Stolen Car
Whenever I Say Your Name
This War
Never Coming Home

Sting - Album - Brand New Day

Big Lie, Small World
Ghost Story
Perfect Love Gone Wrong
Desert Rose
Fill Her Up
After The Rain Has Fallen
Brand New Day
A Thousand Years
Tomorrow We'll See

Sting - Album - Mercury Falling

You Still Touch Me
I Hung My Head
Lithium Sunset
All Four Seasons
I Was Brought To My Senses
The Hounds Of Winter
I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

Sting - Album - Ten Summoner's Tales

It's Probably Me
She's Too Good For Me
Love Is Stronger Than Justice
Something The Boy Said
Saint Augustine In Hell
Heavy Cloud No Rain
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Shape Of My Heart
Seven Days
Fields Of Gold
Epilouge (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Sting - Album - Soul Cages

When The Angels Fall
Why Should I Cry For You
All This Time
The Soul Cages
Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
Island Of Souls
The Wild Wild Sea
Mad About You

Sting - Album - Nada Como El Sol

Fragilidad (Spanish)
Fragil (Portuguese)
Ellas Danzan Solas (Cueca Solas)
Mariposa Libre
Si Estamos Juntos

Sting - Album - Nothing Like The Sun

Lazarus Heart
Rock Steady
Englishman In New York
Little Wing
Straight To My Heart
They Dance Alone
Be Still My Beating Heart
Sister Moon
We'll Be Together
History Will Teach Us Nothing
The Secret Marriage

Sting - Album - Bring On The Night

One World (Not Three)
We Work The Black Seam
Children's Crusade
When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
Moon Over Bourbon Street
Tea In The Sahara
Demolition Man
Low Life
Another Day
Bring On The Night
Love Is The Seventh Wave
Driven To Tears
Down So Long
Consider Me Gone
I Burn For You

Sting - Album - Dream Of The Blue Turtles

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
Fortress Around Your Heart
We Work The Black Seam
Moon Over Bourbon Street
Shadows In The Rain
Love Is The Seventh Wave
Consider Me Gone
Children's Crusade

Sting - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Can't Stand Losing You
When We Dance
Every Breath You Take
Walking On The Moon
Message In A Bottle
My Funny Friend And Me
ALL FOR LOVE (feat. Rod Stewart & Bryan Adams)
Don't Stand So Close To Me
This Cowboy Song
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

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Bryan Adams

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