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Blu Cantrell Lyrics

Blu Cantrell - Biography

Blu Cantrell is through. Through with no-good, do-wrong,
sweet-talkin', always-cheatin', ever-scheming, busted-ass men.
Luckily, this aptly-named 25-year-old from Providence, Rhode Island
understands that you've got to have the blues before you can sing
about 'em, and uses her pain to turn out a gorgeously heartfelt,
straight-ahead soul album. And despite the fact that settling scores
in songs has become de rigueur in R&B land these days, Cantrell
(who was discovered by Arista CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid)
manages to avoid no-scrubs, bills-bills-bills clichs and get down
to the business of what a broken heart is all about.

"Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)," the album's first single, is a
jubilant revenge anthem, complete with an infectious,
finger-wagging, Charleston riff that should have the ladies wiggling
and their fellas checking their wallets. But Cantrell, the daughter
of a jazz-singing mother, fares even better with the slow songs.
Lacing scats into melismas and blues runs into R&B riffs, this
torch-singing newcomer doesn't just take it to church with her
debut, but to the dimly-lit juke joint, the packed club, the smoky
underground caf. Transitioning effortlessly from starry-eyed
breathlessness to Eartha Kitt growl to full-throttle,
shiver-inducing wail, Cantrell incants catharsis with haunting
ballads like "That One," in which she muses upon finding a
soulmate and "I'll Find a Way," in which she offers up a
glorious, showstopping vocal transition out of the song's bridge
that would do Chaka Khan proud.

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