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Bryan Adams Lyrics

Bryan Adams - Biography

With a career spanning over 20 years and worldwide album sales that
rival the biggest recording artists in the world, Bryan Adams's
"I'm just the bass player in the band" attitude seems
rather simple, compared to his career achievements, but that's just
how he is.

His songs have achieved #1 status all over the world, and his career
has seen some amazing recordings with other music legends from
around the world. He holds the record for the longest running #1
single in British music history with his hit "(Everything I Do)
I Do It For You" and has topped the charts in the USA four
times with hits "Heaven", "(Everything I Do) I Do It
For You", "All For Love" (with Rod Stewart and Sting)
and "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?". In addition to
these recordings he has been awarded the Order Of Canada from the
country he was born in, which is the Canadian equivalent of the
British MBE.

His honest live performances and concerts are well documented,
making him one of the most exciting live acts in the world. He has
used his concerts to benefit others over the years. Some examples
are The Prince's Trust, Live Aid and The Concert for Freedom for
Nelson Mandela, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, NetAid/London and
others. On his world tour of 92/93/94 he helped created the Southern
Ocean Whale Sanctuary, by issuing over half a million postcards to
the fans at the shows, encouraging them to write and send them to
Governments opposed to the sanctuary.

Most recently, Bryan's focus has been on supporting breast cancer.
After contributing a song to an album and campaign to help find a
cure for breast cancer with Self Magazine in America, he went on to
organizing a benefit concert in Canada early in 1998 and raised over
a million dollars to build a breast-screening center at the St.
Catherine's General Hospital with supermodel Linda Evangelista. That
led to the release of "Made In Canada," a best selling
book of his black and white photographs of Canadian women including
Celine Dion, Alanis Morrisette, Joni Mitchell and many others. All
royalties from this book went to the Canadian Breast Cancer

Awards have been numerous with a Grammy, an American Music Award,
countless industry and songwriting awards and accolades including
three Academy Award nominations for his music and lyrics in film

Universal Records has just released his 12th album this fall
entitled "The Best Of Me" - Adams's end of the decade
greatest hits collection that includes two new songs, the beatley
title track 'The Best Of Me' and the trippy dance track 'Don't Give
Up'. The future seems clear that Adams is unstoppable.

In 1999, Adams and his power trio of Keith Scott on guitar and
Mickey Curry on drums, completed over 120 concerts in Europe, Africa
and the Middle East. They are touring Canada in January 2000 with
concert dates booked well into the first year of this new
millennium. Look for concerts in America, Australia, Japan and more
dates in Europe later this year and into the next.
Thanks to john_nguyen18@hotmail.com for submitting the biography.

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