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Carl Thomas Lyrics

Carl Thomas - Biography

While it seems that Bad Boy is falling apart all around him, Carl
Thomas may be the artist that can save it. The Chicago native is
best known for lacing two popular rap tracks with his sultry vocals
 Biggie's "The World Is Filled With Pimps and Hoes, " and
the remix of Puffy's "Been Around the World." Even when
competing with the throbbing tracks and the personalities rapping
over them, Thomas' voice stood out. His newest single, "I
Wish," comes off his long-awaited debut album, due this summer.
It's the kind of soul you've probably been wishing for for a long
time  it's insistent, infused with the kind of raw emotion and
distinctive vocals that make for music that takes a hold of you and
refuses to let you forget it.

While Thomas is mysterious about his current love life, (we do know
he's left Chicago behind to take up residence in Brooklyn) he has
plenty to say about love. After reading this, you'll be compelled to
hear his music because even in conversation, he's sexy and sincere 
an irresistible combination. He's living proof that there are still
soul singers who make records about real, complicated, grown-up
emotions instead of today's adolescent pleading for sex. Here he
talks about love, sex and relationship, and why Murphy's Oil soap is
a necessity. Welcome to Carl Thomas.

"My definition of love? It's a manifestation of how you feel
about someone. I think that true love is definitely given from God.
I think that love is what you make it. I think it's also what you
perceive it to be. And in the middle of all that, love feels exactly
how it feels. It feels a lot of ways at times. Love represents
itself in my life in many different ways: my family, my music, my
God There is time when love can hurt and love can frustrate you. But
all in all, it's exactly what you make it."

" It is a doing, it's not a saying, you know. It's way more of
a verb, as opposed to a talking or a pondering. I believe true love
to be confident. You know how sometimes you experience that gray
area if you not sure. I've been there before. A lot of young, young
kids, regardless of what they say they feel about love, they're all
in a search for an introduction to it. Because when you do find it,
no matter how young or how old, your introduction to it is so
untainted it's almost overwhelming. It's before we've been hit with
the ice of experience. For the guys, before we learn anything about
that playa mentality, it's really pure when its puppy love, when
it's that school thing  when nobody can say anything bad to you
about that person. I believe true love to be cooperative. There are
plenty of individuals who bury themselves in occupations, people who
allow things outside of themselves to define them. That's just an
example because it's easy for people to bury themselves in things to
just turn that off. Sometimes people bury themselves in church  I
don't need no man, I don't need no woman. Bury themselves in family
 anything to forget about what really makes you happy."

"Ultimately, I think it has something to do with each other but
its definitely different for each person. I just try to sing about
different aspects [of love] from the begging aspects to the 'I don't
want it no more.' I think sometimes we [soul singers] don't know
more about love but we might know a little bit more about expressing
it. You become a soul singer because it gratifies you. I'm doing
what I'm doing because it gratifies me and it makes me happy. The
bottom line to you doing this interview and me making a record is
that is makes us feel good. I feel good getting up on stage in front
of people and just entertaining them and making them feel good. It's
my desire to just make you feel sexy, because I want to live a sexy
lifestyle. I just do. I think it's sexy because I don't care what
anybody thinks about it. I don't care. I think that's the sexiest
thing about it. My ability to respectfully know how much I don't
care about what people about what makes me happy."

"It wouldn't matter to me if someone who likes my music
happened to see me cry in church, or somebody that I did a rap
record with sees me giving turkeys to homeless people. I'm sexy from
my music to my clothes to the way I wax my floors. Murphy's Oil soap
makes your floor look sexy. My belief is that God created everything
in a divine order. Then there was humanity and then there was gender
and then there was race. If you make decisions outside this divine
order, your humanity comes into question. It's my wish that people
look at love from a human standpoint, not from a Black standpoint, a
White standpoint, a female standpoint or a male standpoint. Being
human is a constant imperfect state of being and if you're not
comfortable with that, you're going to have a long hard life. The
blame game is deadly, it's powerful. It can literally kill love. Are
you more concerned with the man or woman who can't express
themselves or are you more concerned with why? Love is individual
but it's bigger than an individual thing. It has omnipresent

If you're in love with someone, you wake up each and every day and
you choose to love them, even though you're arguing about this and
that. Loving them is bigger than any negative aspect of your daily
living. It's bigger than the arguments about the garbage, and the
friends and why you didn't call me. But if you're conscious that I
love you, if you're in love with someone  be honest, how long can
you really be mad at them? You're too busy trying to get back to the
fun shit. I don't want to come off to you as somebody who teaches
seminars but I've made it my business as singer and songwriter and
musician....[to have insight about love.] How can I sing about being
hurt when I never had my heart stomped on? How can I sing a song
about infidelity when I've never dogged a woman? I've been on both
sides of the track of love. I've hurt and then I've been hurt. I
know what it feels like on both sides. Neither side feels good. I
think I'm a love student. The reason that I sound the way I do is
that I accept my apprenticeship."
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