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Cher Lyrics

Cher - Biography

BORN: May 20, 1946, El Centro, CA

As I look upon Cherylin Sarkisian LaPiere, I see a woman who has led
a spectacular life and behind her celebrity status and flawless
complexion lies a woman who has experienced a rather eventful past.
Better known as Cher, her success in music, movies, television, and
on stage has brought her nearly four decades of world recognition.
In a career defined as much by dramatic missteps as spectacular
recoveries, the chief constant is her seemingly limitless

Born in El Centro, California in 1946, Cher was a poor, fatherless
child whose eight times-married Mother struggled by on occasional
singing gigs and brief movie roles. To Cher this was life and she
delighted in watching her mother on stage and living a peaceful life
in her family apartment. At sixteen Cher's dyslexia proved too
gruelling and she left school and home to take acting lessons in Los
Angeles. To Cher this was a new beginning and the start of a whole
new life, she didn't expect what was to come. At the age of
seventeen, Cher will never forget the time she met a man named
Sonny. They met at the renowned Aldo's Coffee Shop, the place where
celebrities used to hang out. At that stage Cher was a nobody,
unemployed and desperate for work, on the other hand Sonny had
established himself as a celebrity and had many previous appearances
on Television.

Cher soon became attached to Sonny and she moved in with him. The
two lived platonically at first, sharing an apartment but sleeping
in twin beds. While Sonny progressed as a star, Cher was kept house
bound and it wasn't until Cher's mother discovered the arrangement
and tried to separate them, that the pair rebelled and proclaimed
their love. Cher claims in her current Biography "The First
Time", that Sonny Bono was the ultimate love of her life and
that the two remained amicable in personal st ruggles and hardships.
Cher said, "What you saw on TV with Sonny and Cher was a good
representation of our personal life, always laughing and having
fun". Sonny and Cher hit gold with their single, "I've got
you babe" and furthered their world-wide success with "The
Beat Goes On" and "Baby Don' t Go". It was Sonny and
Cher's far-out look, with wide colourful pants, skimpy tops, shaggy
hair and fur vests, which attracted fans.

Cher was deemed as a fashion innovator, a role she has continued
with, for better or worse, throughout her career. The happy family
portrait presented to America and the world was soon breaking down
for Cher. She tells how her daughter Chastity, born in 1969 was
affected by intense spotlight and that family life was becoming
hectic and unstable . On stage Cher was calm, but backstage was
turbulent and Cher felt trapped. Cher states in her biography,
"The only way I could continue life happily was to split with
Sonny and bring our show to a premature end." She continues,
"This devastated our fans, as well as CBS executives, but it
had to be done, I was simply, unhappy with my life." In the end
stardom pulled Cher's marriage down and the media attention on Cher
sky rocketed as she dated new men.

Cher now knows that she has made many mistakes in her life. "I
was stupid" she said in her biography, "Dumb and
stupid!". Cher had agreed to a second season of Sonny and Cher.
Sonny Bono rang Cher constantly to set up a reunion and Cher agreed
eventually. Although something was different this time, Cher was
married and pregnant to, southern rock great Greg Allman. Intense
curiosity sparked huge initial ratings for the new Sonny and Cher
Comedy hour, but Cher knew that the show wouldn't last as ratings
dropped every week. Finally in August 1977, after two seasons the
show got the ax for good.

Cher was still unhappy with her life, she felt tired of what she was
doing and wanted more out of life. Her marriage to Allman was a mess
as his addictions to booze and heroin ruined their short marriage.
By 1979, their marriage was over and Cher was an unemployed 33-year
old single mother, yearning for the impossible. A shot in serious
films. Her damaged TV image and tabloid troubles were so ingrained,
no one in Hollywood wanted her. Cher's persistence is evident when
she talks about her troubles, "You know, I had to go on, not
only for my sake, but for my two children and the well-being of my
career." Cher was not over yet; in fact this would be the start
of yet another career swap for the almighty star. She was casted in
a movie called 'Silkwood' and acted opposite Meryl Streep.

Cher tells, "I will never forget the time Silkwood premiered in
New York and as soon as my name was mentioned, the audience just
laughed. I felt so bad, but you know, you can't argue with these
things, it's just a natural, organic response from the
audience." The people who down graded Cher would soon regret
their viscous attacks, as Cher was soon faced with an Oscar for her
performance in "Silkwood" . By 1987 Cher was in such
demand that she found herself in three films at once, "The
witches of Eastwick", "Suspect" and
"Moonstruck". She became a prime target for the paparazzi
and her name was spread over every magazine and newspaper. At 41,
after twenty-five years in show biz, Cher was at last on top and
with a little help from the surgeon's knife she remained one of the
most beautiful stars in Hollywood.

Cher continued to raise eyebrows throughout her career. Who will
ever forget Cher's rip roaring video clip in the late 80's? "If
I could turn back time" was a huge hit for Cher, dressed in a
risque outfit and prancing around on a ship full of young soldiers
she made headlines once again. This was the start of a whole new
decade for Cher. The nineties. With number one hits flowing from her
vein's Cher was a rock-pop genius. While Cher remained a star, her
personal life remained stagnant. Her daughter Chastity announced
that she was gay and began campaigning for gay rights. Cher tells
"My response to Chastity being Gay was very un-Cher like. I
didn't know what to do and who to turn to, I was devastated! The
funny thing is I knew all along that she was gay, I just didn't want
to admit it." Cher's current relationship with her daughter is
extremely strong and Cher admits she has learned to except her
daughter for who she is.

The news of Sonny's tragic death was one, which sparked much emotion
in Cher's life. "I was in London in January 1998 when I heard
the dreaded news. Chastity rang me and brought the news of Sonny's
death. I dropped everything and fled to Heathrow Airport and the
media watched my every move. Even though we had been apart for over
24 years I couldn't ignore the fact that I spent a quarter of my
life with this guy." Cher tells of the day that she learnt of
Sonny's death as if it were only days ago in her biography. Full of
remorse during her reconciliatory eulogy at his funeral, Cher
praised the man who had been father, partner, friend, and foe ,
displaying a side of herself the world had never seen. Though hurt
by endless criticism that her eulogy was an attention seeking devise
to gain attention, Cher continued to mourn openly, paying tribute to
Sonny Bono in a sentimental CBS documentary.

It had been a period of over 5 years that the world had last heard
Cher's unique voice in an album. Just as she was written off by many
in the criticising world of Hollywood, Cher hit back with a slick
new disco album called Believe. This marked yet another upswing in
her bumpy career. Although this time Cher had finally found gold. At
the age of 53, looking more like a glamorous 20-year-old Cher's new
album is the best selling album of her 35-year recording career. By
March 99 she was ruling the American Top 40 and holding the number
one spot for a consecutive four weeks. She was now the oldest female
ever to hit the top spot and owned the longest Billboard chart span
between No. 1's (65-99) of any pop recording artist.

"What can I say about Cher's life that hasn't already been
said? A chart topping singer, Television star, Academy award winner,
a disco diva, rock'n'roller and a fashion icon. Simultaneously down
to earth, an index to everything that is hot and current as well as
to what is lasting and timeless. She's been written off countless
times, but she springs back and conquers a new. Science will
probably never be able to tell us who the first person on earth was,
but I believe that the last person standing will be Cher."

Source: http://www.cherworld.com/biography/
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