Here We Come

Be The First To Believe

ALL: Just one on one!
that's the way we do it (baby) x 2

BEN: Baby, i can't always say what's on my mind, yeah new

ALL: Got me

MARK: Breaking out the love i feel inside
YEAH, I'll take you to a wonderland

ALL: You hit me right between the eyes
I shoulda listen to ma mamma done told me
You sent me soaring to the skies
Ain't gonna listen to ma mamma done told me

ALL: Girl, this paradise is ours
the planet moon and stars
believe in me baby

MARK: (You've got to believe)
ALL: Believe in me baby

BEN: Be the first to believe

CHRISTIAN: Baby, elevate our love into the skies
YEAH, Cool vibrations

ALL: Rock me

PAUL: Fly me up to heaven in your eyes
YEAH, It's magic when you hypnotise


BEN: (Said, be the first to believe)
musical break for four bars


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