Abstract Theory

Back To The Limbo

I don't know bout you, 
But I came here to party, yeah 
Tonight is your night, gonna find yourself somebody 
(Yo what your gonna say) 

I say hey pretty girl, 
Do you wanna dance the night away, 
But you don't wanna fall in love, 
If you said that fault you any day

'Cause I'm feeling the heat, 
Won't you get yourself close to me, 
When you move to the beat, 
It's the ultimate fantasy, girl 
(Back to the Limbo) 

Mama say, mama sa, 
Switch the cross radar
And let me come a little nearer, 
So you can here what I sing, just a little clearer 
I like the way you move, 
The little things you do, 
You begging me want to, come dance with you 
Would you mind if I asked you to 


I'm feeling so damn limbofied, 
With your hot lips, and your limbo thighs, 
Don't stop! 
Give me the sign and I come running back, 
Sam and Dave, hold on I'm coming, 
Ha Ha Ha And He, back to back let me shift the gear, 
Turn up the system, and get ready to roll, 
Reverse your back sack, let me lose control, while out 
I'm the girl with the light eyes 
Ey miss is everybody I'm feeling the block, 
And it's good being here with you, 
And if your feeling the same, 
Let me hear you oeeh 


Clap your hands, 
Take it up front and to the side, 
Knot your head, 
Can you feel what my body sent you now, 
Stop your feet, I wanna see you shake, 
And bring it back down low, nice and slow 
Yo back to the Limbo [x2]

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Abstract Theory Lyrics

Back To The Limbo Lyrics

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