Amanda Perez



whoa [x13]

This nigga must be crazy,
think he could get up on A.P.
like that uh uh check it out 

[Verse 1:]
This be the day that i never forget driving in my bentley 
sipping on my way bangs in the trunk and i heard my
my chest blinged all out and its all on my neck 
I went to the crib about 2:00 forgot my keys so i had to knock
noone came to the front so i went to the back checked out the
that just happened i caught my man in the pool with a girl nice
skinny chick with Sherley Temple curls she got it in easy she
tried to 
cap **** and i told the little girl to keep ur hand on these

cause these shit it aint no joke 
and if you get a * the gone fill your throat
i could care less if you joked 
gotta handle this here and thats for sure
uh whoa(gotta handle this) whoa(this some scandle shit)
whoa(whats a girl to do when she finds a man but nicked in the
whoa thanks for gettin away is you crazy you know that i dont
whoa you can keep it cause on the real i dont need it

[Verse 2:]
See you tryin to be a playboy
but got caught up in the game now you noy
matter fact you could go upstairs and you could pack 
try to love you but you dont know how to act try
to hit me from the front and not from the back 
picking up chicks in my bens in my trunk
this the cadillac this aint the way that it goes 
cause i sure aint your trick and i aint you hoe 
so things dont last forever so you gots to go 
jump in your ride put the medal to the floor
dont leave nothing behind take all your clothes 
take the bloody towel you used for your bloody nose
this right here the case is close if you didnt know then boy now
know you up for a biz so now your sold uh uh uh uh uh


[Verse 3:]
better not make an excuse to come to the crib 
dont try to beg for a home cause you aint got no where to live 
sorry little daddy thats the way that it is and right now i
gotta handle my biz
cause you the type of man that i gotta shut down cause you the
type of man that 
i dont
need around i caught you creeping 
for all this time it was you that was peeping on all your late
night calls
breaking my laws sliding off panties and unsnapping braws 
dont blame it on me you did it just because dont try to say you
didnt like the 
way that 
i was you so fake pleeding with me that it was a mistake boy you
was in a dream 
now your awake tell your girl friend to come pick up her snakes
i can go to sun set boulevard and get me a drink, find a true
man faster than 
you can 
blink what made you think that your shit didnt stink you think
that you still 
smoother than

[Chorus x2]

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