Avril Lavigne

Under My Skin


Oh, oh [x4]

I'm giving up 
On everything because you mess me up 
Don't know how much you screwed it up 
You never listen, that's just too bad 
Because I'm moving on 
I won't forget you were the one that was wrong 
I know I need to step up and be strong 
Don't patronize me, yeah 

Have you forgotten 
Everything that I wanted? 
Do you forget it's now 
You never got it? 
Do you get it now, yeah, yeah, yeah? 

Oh, oh [x2]

Gotta get away 
There's no point in thinking about yesterday 
It's too late now 
It will never be the same 
We're so different now, yeah 


I know I wanna run away, I know I wanna run away 
Run away 
If only I could run away, if only I could run away 
Run away 
I told you what I wanted; I told you what I wanted 
What I wanted 
I was forgotten, I won't be forgotten never again 


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Under My Skin Lyrics

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