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I'D Play The Fool

My words for you
It's just another way to say
My tears for you 
It's just a way to make you stay
With all I am
I would be nothing without you
With all I'll be 
I would be left with all my blues

I gave you my love 
I can't believe you turned away
I gave you all my heart
With all my love you wouldn't stay 
I would play the fool 
With no more pride I beg of you 
And so I beg of you I'd play the fool

I live for you
I can't go on without you here
I beathe for you 
With every breath I want you near
Oh won't you say 
You love me like you did before
Oh won't you stay
And never leave me anymore


Baby I don't want to lose you
I'd give up everything just to be with you
I'd even play the fool

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I'D Play The Fool Lyrics

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