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I've started to feel something
It's more than friendship
I see you in the school field
I start to trip
I lose the use of speech
Only you have the power to teach
It has to be kept quite
It's not how i am used to feeling
Im a guy kinnda gal

If you haven't figured it out
This is my main shout
To let all my family, friends and fans
Know the truth
This is your proof
I am a gal, gal
I hope you can understand
This is why i formed the band
To let you know
So i could show

The pure infatuation
I feel for girls
Is a different kind of attraction
All i can think about is the affection
I would give them my undervided attention
All i can see is the penertration

There is one special
I feel like the earth moves
This proves
I think I am in love
You remind me of a pure innocent dove
In you my fans i will trust
But then you must
Keep this secret
Or I will regret
Putting my life in your hands

Her body is so perfect
I would worship and protect
I want to glide my finger tips
Accross her delicate lips
Cluch her hips
Keep her in close grips
She is so fine
I want her to be mine

I am about to let go
Like a real pro
Tell you who owns my heart
How from the start
We were never apart

Her name is Gwen Stafani
Mine name is Avril Lavigne

Thank you for your time
I hope you still remain my fans
I hope you understand

Avril Lavigne Lyrics

Unknown (other songs) Lyrics

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