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My Little Something

Your always gonna think that you can have your way with me.
But I'd thought that I'd let you in on a little something.
I'm not as easy as you think i am.
I dont always agree with your plans

so listen to what I have to say!

oh please, just stop, on what your doing!
so you can just hear my little something.
if you really want to have me, then think of how I'm feeling
I dont always want to do what you want, because my feelings
always come first.
Youre taking advantage, with you I can manage
did you hear my something?

To let you know that I've done that before, 
but youre always wanting to have more.
I've given you so many chances, 
why cant we just go steady.
I know its something small but I'm not ready.

So listen to what I have to say!


I'm sorry to say this but you needed to hear it.
I'm not that easy, what do you really see?
I hope you're not disappointed, cuz i just thought that
you needed, to hear, my little something!


[Chorus x2]

Avril Lavigne Lyrics

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My Little Something Lyrics

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