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My Way

Its my way
You gotta see to the top and if ya don't
You'll fall down,
Nobodys' there to help you up
And you want me to love you again 
It ain't gonna happen again,
No way no way

All this time
You're feeling my way,
Don't know who or what it was,
But you're feeling my way,
We used to be good friends,
Although good things come to an end,
I never thought this day would come,
Tired of feeling too young,
And all my dreams were left to talk about

It was my way,
But it sure ain't your way
I'm big,I moved,I shoulda told you
That I loved you,it coulda worked out,
I mean,we're still good friends,
Although we're far away,
I'll still write to you,
I'm a little step closer to you everyday,
Its my way!

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My Way Lyrics

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