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'Cuz this girl
Has been played
She's cryng her heart out
Wasting away
Drowning her sorrows
With a painful tommorow
It wouldn't be so bad, she wouldn't be so sad
If he'd been remorseful
And not closed the doors full
Of anger and sayin'
That it's plain
It's her fault, and it won't happen again
Though he's the one who played
Shoulda been beggin' to stay
The whole neighbourhood heard him shout
It's not you any more, get out

There she sits
For a while
Nothing raising a smile
She's so cold deep inside
And she plays it again in her mind
Though she knows
That it's true
She keeps on trying to
Make believe
That it didn't happen and she never had to leave
Though it's easy for us to see he's not the one
For her to forget it's easier said than done


She knows she should live and let die
But she died down inside
The scar ceases to heal
You can see in her eyes
She puts on a good act
She just smiles, gets a pat on the back
She doesn't have the energy
To resist all this sympathy
Why should she?
After all, it's good intentions
Why all the prevention?
And when everybody leaves
Oh, how her heart heaves
She longs for the man
The only man she ever loved
To be right here
Beside her
'Cuz she's besides her
Self with grief


It's a while
Since he left
No more pain
No more gain
Nothing more, nothing less
She decides
To search through their old stuff
'Cuz she'd had enough
Of waitin' to break the ice
She finds photos
And tapes of the songs
They'd listened to before he done wrong
In a box at the bottom
She'd almost forgotten
The music box
Left inside
Was a note
Which she read
She almost heard him spoke

'Dear Rizzo,
We've got to stop,
I know you're hot
But you've gotta understand
When I take you by the hand
A pang of guilt slashes across my chest
You know I can't forget the rest
You're the only one who knows
Which means you've gotta go
'Cuz they're on at me constantly
I think they're gonna guess
Shelly even found you're dress
And Hannah even hacked in on a phone call
Not like Rhianna who doesn't know a thing at all
I hope you find it somewhere
To forgive me
But now you're out of my hair
I don't really care
I loved you while you were mine
See you around sometime'

And that was it, it wasn't even signed,
But she recognised the writing,
And boy, was she fighting
The urge to break down and cry
And as she clutched the letter
She knew she coulda done better


So I guess that guy ended up alone

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