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Player Got Played

When this player got played
She wasn't so happy anyways,
That guy got played himself
She didn't get played.....this time!
So what's that worry about?
She should be happy enough,
To care for somebody else

Just cuz I've been played once or twice,that won't get me down,
It shouldn't get you down or make you frown,
Why are you worring about?
That guy has gone now,
What should you do?
Get him off your mind and you'll get to go through,
People say some other things,'bout you and him,
Just say you really hate him!
I tried it,
No matter how hard I try,
They'll keep tellin' me why,

This player got played
One too many times,
But there's a part of me,deep down inside,
That keeps loving him,
And no matter how hard I try to forget 'bout him,
I'll still be the plaer got played

School time,see him today,
I'm playin' it cool,smile on his face,
He looks at me,I turn away,
I can't believe he saw the look on my face,
[regular talking]
Did it really happen?
Yeah,hard to believe,ain't it?
Yep just tell us more,I wanna see what happens next

This player played a guy to many times
I'm never gonna get it bonced back to me,
Never gonna get played again,
Gina:Wouldn't that be my day?
Played too many times,oh yeah!

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Player Got Played Lyrics

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