Avril Lavigne

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Teenage World

I've been around round, 
and coast to coast,
you wonder why ive cry and cried-well heres da reason why....

This is me,
yes i am,
hello will you be my man?
Always try to be kind but i always get left behind.

Im not the jelouse kind 
but my boyfriends on my mind,
hes 17 and in a different world 
and im just a little 14 year old girl,
do you get what i mean?...

Cos I'm a teenage girl in a teenage world,
where a teenage boy loves a teenage girl,
we do what teenagers always do,
yeah, them stories are so true.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v,
find out what you mean to me
w x y z,
now do you see what I see?

[Repeat chorus]

Avril Lavigne Lyrics

Unknown (other songs) Lyrics

Teenage World Lyrics

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