Hey Little Lady

Hey little lady,please to meet cha lady.

See ya over there wit cha gurls chillin caught my attention
I was chillin with my fellas
Thats when i wanted to approach you and get to know you
Baby can i get ur number wit cha recheck
G~string on yo hip
Lookin sexy wit cha belly ring
So i walked ova
Stepped 2 you
Played it koo and asked do u have a boyfriend

Hey little lady please to meet cha lady
Hey little lady do u have a boyfriend
Hey little lady can i get to know u
Can i call u whats ya cell phone
Can u bee my gurl friend

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey lady,so nice to meet you
Tell me somethin about u
Is yo moms koo
Will she let me go with u
And maybe take u to the movies baby
Let me pop the question
Is u freaky
Teach u a lesson
If u like me,and if u ask me,have ya way with me
But will u be my gurlfriend

(Chorus x2)


Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Platinum status on the track come on


Yo,bring in the track chris.

It be me f~i~double chillin with me and same age as me
Nothin 4 me to do when all gurls loose
When i walk by im like who is she
Roll by u lookin so fly,thats when u caught my eye
Hey little lady can i get to know u
Hope u don't mind me spittin at u
U look cute chillin with yo crew
Hey whats yo name can i holla at u
So sexy wit cha g~string on
All i wanna know is can we get our freak on
Call me on the cell when yo moms aint home
Then we go long go home im gone

(Repeat Chorus x3)

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Hey Little Lady Lyrics

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