Big Tymers

Big Money Heavywight

Beat It Up (feat. Tateeze)

[Chorus: (Tateeze & Mannie Fresh)]
Beat It Up, Beat It Up, Beat It Up Daddy
Beat It Up, Beat It Up,
Beat It Up, Beat It Up, Beat It Up Daddy
Beat It Up, Beat It Up,
You Know You want this pussy
[Mannie Fresh]
Sure Do
You know you want this pussy
[Mannie Fresh]
Its true
You know you want this pussy
[Mannie Fresh]
Bring It On
You know you want this pussy
[Mannie Fresh]
And i'm gone

[Verse 1: (Mannie Fresh)]
With so much pussy on the city streets,
its kinda hard for a pimp keepin with these freaks,
But I tracks em' down, backs em' down, bustin they guts,
Leave pussy so gushi, overflowin with nuts,
I'm a hellified, superfied, pickle slingin mack,
Dick like a stick breaking off in your back,
Its explicit when I gets it baby all night long,
knock your head against the bead till the insides gone,
Give you big long wood, beat it real good,
I ain't your man, i ain't stan, but I wish I could,
An hour in the shower, then on top of the dresser,
Then the bed, give me head, and then I'm a letcha,
Ride that pole, make you say \"OH\"
The sex is incredible, the dick is like \"WOAH\"
Cussin, lustin, bout to get a nut when she looked at me, 
and said

[Chorus (Tateeze & Mannie Fresh)]

[Verse 2: (Mannie Fresh & Baby)]
I come with, TV's and DVD's in the cars, and I
Pack a big dick down in the drawers,
I'm the neighbourhood pickle slinger, pain bringer
Super sick big dick, nasty ass rap singer,
Do it baby, stick it baby, do it baby, get it
Make that ass clap everytime that I hit it
Now all I need, is liquor and weed, 
two dyke bitches straight down to get g's
See I got it up, gotta hit it, gotta get it,
Cuz I moved up, 
Gotta split it, gotta fit it to a magnum,
Gotta fuck it, don't love it, I don't want none,
But you can have some, see I played homie
Fucked the bedspreads up, cuz I banged on it 
Hit tha hoe from the back and she sang homie
These same ass words from the same song, the same song

[Chorus (Tateeze & Mannie Fresh)]

[Verse 3: (Mannie Fresh)]
See this story takes place on a late night
I was on the lakefront trying to get some act right
Hoe was acting funny so I had to kick game
I said you be my queen, I be your king, and things will never
Now I'm just sitting there, lookin at the beaver
Its Hairy like Barry and its bigger than Geneva
Something said stick my finger in it so I did
Then came the 2, the 3, the 4, the thumb and aww shit
I just don't believe it, how could she concieve it
My fist, my wrist bitch, you need to summer's eve it
Douche ya bush black, you smell like stepback
What the fuck is that (whoo!) tunacat
Put her out my Jag fast, tell that bitch you get no cash
Get your shit together shorty, clean your lil funky ass
Been alot of places, did alot of shows, met alot of people
fucked alot of hoes, I

[Chorus (Tateeze & Mannie Fresh)]

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