All Rise

Make It Happen

Tonight you'll call
We'll talk the way we always do
But still you won't say anything I want you to
And though your words
Are sweet they just can't ease my pain 

I guess I've waited far too long
You just can't lead me on 

Don't just talk, make it happen
Don't make me wait for you
Do what you came to do
Keep me up
Don't stop, make it happen
It's got the best of me
This curiosity
Kills me every time 

I'll wait for you
To ring my bell,
I want you to
So don't be late
Quit playing games, don't hesitate 

Cause now I've waited far too long
You just can't lead me on 


You know that I won't do you wrong
This love I feel is far too strong
Cos now I've waited far too long
You can't just lead me on 

Chorus x2 

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