Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams 11

I Thought I'd Seen Everything

I like the way we are - I love what we've become
When i'm in your arms - I know i've found the one
I love your kiss me mouth - and your static touch
Its just the way you are - that makes me feel so much

No one could ever know - what we're like alone
Rollin' round like rain - we're a midnight storm
Like a river rising - I feel it thru your skin
When we're together - I never want it to end

I thought I'd seen everything - til I saw you
I thought I'd been everywhere - til I'd been with you
I thought that everyone knew what I knew
I thought I'd seen everything - til I saw you

I like the way we are - like a raging fire
Burning up the night, burning with desire
You're such a sweet temptation - you know I can't resist
Electricity, hey every time we kiss

Bryan Adams Lyrics

Bryan Adams 11 Lyrics

I Thought I'd Seen Everything Lyrics

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