Deborah Cox

The Morning After

Givin It Up

Givin It UpYou know he's wrong, when he stays out all night long

And he don't return your calls, well I ain't got time for that 
You better walk away, girl it's time to make that change 
You know that all men ain't the same 
Cause I be lovin' my man cuz he don't get down like that 

If he's giving you more (than a little bit) 
And if he's giving his all (can you handle it) 
You keep holding it down 
Yeah if he's givin' it up 
Hold it down for the one you love 

See I remember those days when they took more than they gave 
And the tears rolled down my face, for someone to give me that
good love 
But then he came and turned my lonely nights to brighter days 
And I never will be the same 
Cause I be lovin' my man, ladies can you feel me 
And if your man is givin' you more 


Is it his style- He's got the jeans and Timbs and the iced out
pinky ring 
Is it his ride- Got the Benz on chrome but it don't mean a thing
to me 
Does he spend time- takin' first class flights but I'd rather be
at home 
So he can touch me, slowly, cause when we're all alone, he gives
me more 


Deborah Cox Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

Givin It Up Lyrics

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