Deborah Cox

One Wish

I Won't Give Up

Either way, you're gonna know 
'Cause what I'm feeling, it's gonna show 
Friends may say you're out of my league 
But I won't be discouraged 
'Cause they just can't see 

I won't give up that easy 
No matter how they tease me 
You pick me up and I don't wanna come down 
I won't give up that easy 
'Cause this feels so good to me 
I get this feeling every time you come 'round 

Who'd have thought that it would be you 
To steal my heart and make me feel the way I do 
Now all this time, you've been just a friend 
You see, they think I'm crazy to want you for my man 

There's no way to explain 
What I'm going through 
All I know is I'm in love with you 


Don't wanna be without you 
'Cause every time I think about you 
I feel like I'm going crazy out of my head 
I just wanna figure out 
How I can go about 
Making you feel the same 

[Chorus x2]

Deborah Cox Lyrics

One Wish Lyrics

I Won't Give Up Lyrics

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