Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox

I'm Your Natural Woman

You've gotta know 
You are my heart and soul 
I can't just let go 
I gave you years 
Cried a river of tears 
So you wanna change 
Baby who's to blame 
My love burns like a flame 
Yes I love you still 
And I guess I always will 

I'm your natural woman 
I'll be there when there's no one 
'Cause my loving is real 
But you don't see it now 
Since you put me down 
But I'll be there for you when there's no one around 

You've been my life 
For you I've sacrificed 
Stayed up every night 
That you didn't call 
How I worried all night long 
Things feel so strange 
Last night I called out your name 
I thought I saw your face 
Here next to me 
Maybe someday soon it will be 


Baby can you tell me how could you leave me lonely 
Baby when you know that I've given my only 
Heart to you, whatever you do 
Baby don't be a fool 

I'll give you time 
Baby to make up your own mind 
Whatever you decide 
I won't break the vows 
Oh no, no not ever, no not now 

[Repeat chorus to fade]

Deborah Cox Lyrics

Deborah Cox Lyrics

I'm Your Natural Woman Lyrics

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