Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox

It Could've Been You

Congratulations baby, it's been a while 
I heard through the grapevine that you're seeing a friend of
I hate to say this baby but I think you should know 
I hear 'bout how she treats you everywhere I go 

I hear you're runnin', hidin', tryin' to be discreet 
But let me to tell you, there's no need for you to hide from me

I've found someone who takes my lovin' seriously 
You've gambled and lost baby pay the cost 
For walking out on me 

It coulda been you loving me 
It woulda been everything you wanted a love to be 
It coulda been you holding me, seven days a week 
And baby if you wanted a real love you shoulda stayed with me 

So here you come talkin' baby, with the same ol' lines 
You're tryin' to break down my defense 
So you can tell me one more lie 
But I ain't hearin' you baby 
'Cause you caused me pain 
This time you've gone too far 
And now you lost it all in vain 

You say you love me but I find it hard to believe 
It didn't take that long for you to get over me 
Now after all this time you're trying to get back with me 
But now the tables have turned and you're on the outside looking

[Chorus x2]

I hear she's got you all stressed out 
It cost you a fortune just to take her out 
You say that she's takin' you for a ride 
I coulda told you so 
If I had my choice I would be with you 
But you could've done much better too 
And that's what you get for thinking that you could find a
better love 

[Repeat chorus to fade]

Deborah Cox Lyrics

Deborah Cox Lyrics

It Could've Been You Lyrics

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