Deborah Cox

The Morning After

Just A Dance

Well it's a party 
The lights are low and I'm seein everybody 
Just havin some fun 
And there's a cutie who's wavin' Hi 
Givin me the eye 
I guess I'm gonna give him a try, but it's 

Just a dance nothing more 
Leave what happens on the floor 
On the floor 
You can look but you can't touch because 
It's just a dance nothing more 
What you need my number for 
Ain't no need for you to even think romance 
Cause it's just a dance 

You might be thinkin' 
That because we're dancin close 
And we're vibin' that you're gonna get lucky 
Take it easy, it's just a party 
So let the DJ do his thing and let the music play 
Cause it's just a dance 

I wanna enjoy the party and have fun like everybody 
but your messin' up my groove 
What did you come here to do 
I won't be goin' home with you 


Deborah Cox Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

Just A Dance Lyrics

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