Deborah Cox

One Wish

Love Is On The Way

I wanna rock with you 
I wanna rock with you 
I wanna rock with you 

Don't you worry love is on the way 
As we lay we'll rock the night away 
You just name the time and place 

I know you miss me 
And I've been missing you 
Before you know it 
I'll be right there next to you 

No matter the distance 
You're still in my heart 
Baby I'm with you 
Even though we are apart 
So don't worry 

[Chorus x2]

I'm never too busy 
When it comes to loving you 
Hold on I'll be there 
'Cause I have plans for me and you 

We can hide away in our secret place 
The two of us alone again 
A special place 
Where our love began 
So don't you worry 

[Chorus x2]

We can hide away in our secret place 
Just you and me, hide away late at night baby 
A special place where our love began 
That's where our love began 

[Repeat chorus to fade]

Deborah Cox Lyrics

One Wish Lyrics

Love Is On The Way Lyrics

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