Deborah Cox

The Morning After

Mr Lonely (Hex Hector Mix)

Each night you held me in your arms 
Still you never did keep me warm 
Conversation was a waste of time 
Never even asked what was on my mind (oh) 
It's funny how I can't recall your touch 
Spending time alone with you is never enough 
This emptiness I feel is too much 
You may not understand there's been a change of plans 

Mr. Lonely, you gotta go 
You need to pack your bags and be out the door 
Even though you were there for me 
You never cared for me 
Before I couldn't see but now I know 
Mr. Lonely, I'm in love 
I've found a real man and you need to know 
And this time you won't be coming back 
Cause his love will last 
Mr. Lonely, who's lonely now? 

Two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon 
Same place, same park, but where were you 
I waited, but you never came 
That's when he sat down, but it wasn't the same 
Every word I said, he listened to 
Everything he had, I was missin' in you 
He's the man I never had before 
I won't be needin' you no more 


The silence was killin' me 
It almost got the best of me 
Now that I've got room to breathe 
I'm makin' some changes, changes 
I'm stronger now; I'm wiser now 
A real man wants to hold me now 
It's clear to see I'll never be Mrs. Lonely 

If you think you're lonely now 
Wait until tonight babe 
If you think you're lonely now 
Wait until tonight babe 


Deborah Cox Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

Mr Lonely (Hex Hector Mix) Lyrics

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