Deborah Cox

The Morning After

Oh My Gosh!

Boy you really blow my mind (OH MY GOSH) 
I'm just lookin' at you like (OH MY GOSH) 
You really got the vibe I like (OH MY GOSH) 
The way you comin' at me like (OH MY GOSH) 
So what you tryin' to do tonight (OH MY GOSH) 
I'll just roll with you tonight (OH MY GOSH) 
Cuz the way you talkin' to me 
'Bout the way you wanna move me 
And the way you puttin' to me is like (OH MY GOSH) 

The way that you came up into the spot 
Caught my eyes right from the beginning 
And before you even said two words to me 
I knew that with you I'd be winnin' 
I never been around somebody like you before 
And no that aint no lie 
Let me get my coat and we can hit the door 
And you can take me for a ride 


Now I don't usually fall head over heals 
For a cat that I just met 
But cha talk like a baller that bigger than life 
So I figured I'd take a chance (you make me wanna) 
Ride with cha, slide with cha 
Drive with cha on the freeway so take it easy 
We can rock it all night long 
As long as you wanna stay with me baby 


(It's all right; it's just midnight) 
So don't you worry 'bout the time just get into it, into it 
(Whatever ya like, is whatever I like) 
So don't you stop it, don't you stop whatcha doin'

Deborah Cox Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

Oh My Gosh! Lyrics

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