Deborah Cox

The Morning After

Starting With You

Look at you 
Different day but same damn bags 
You're on my porch 
And I don't even have to ask 
I see tears in your eyes 
As you come inside and breakdown 

So what's he done 
And I hope this don't take long 
Cause you know one call from him 
And you'll be home before morn 
Here's a friendly hug 
Followed by tough love 
Are you ready? 

He's only gonna treat you 
The way he knows he can 
It's all up to you my sista to show him that he can't 
Have you had enough 
Cause it's been long enough 
Time for a change 
Starting with you 

No, don't say a word 
Listen to Deborah for once 
Cause I went thru the same thing 
So I'll tell you what needs to be done 
Mavis said it best 
Girl respect yourself 
It starts with you 

You want him to be a better man 
And you want him to treat you better than you treat yourself, 
Girl you can help by showing him how he can 
You can start by building your self esteem 
Start believing you can do anything 
And you'll find your man will fall in line 
And if he don't than leave him behind 


Deborah Cox Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

Starting With You Lyrics

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