Deborah Cox

The Morning After

The Morning After

Hush, don't say a word 
Cause I already know what you're thinking, yeah 
Things just got more complicated 
But we can't fake it 
This is real, so let's just go with it 

We became more than just friends 
Where do we go from here 
After the morning after 
I let you in 
What's the next move to make 
The morning after 

Hush, don't say a word 
I can't even explain what I'm feeling 
Feeling, lying next to you 
Ooh feels so good 
Don't let the words ruin the moment 
Please don't say nothing 
I know you might feel guilty babe 
Don't let the mind do the speaking 
Just let the heart do the leading 
Cause we gave each other what we both wanted 
Look what we've started 


Baby I can't help but see it 
You gave me what I needed 
There's no way that I can deny 
I love you so 
The longer that I'm with you 
The more I see that I need you 
Let's take what we have and make it last 
Forever more 

[Chorus x2]

Deborah Cox Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

The Morning After Lyrics

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