Deborah Cox

One Wish

Things Just Ain't The Same (Dance Mix)

I saw you the other day 
And I almost lost my mind 
I remember the things we did 
I can't believe it's a waste of time 
And sometimes I wanna cry 
And sometimes I wanna die 
Please help me understand 
Why can't my heart just lie? 

Things just ain't the same 
He could never be you 
You should know the pain I feel 
Understand what I'm going through 

I'm still in love with you 
And I know that you feel it too 
But I feel that I can't go on 
I just want you to come back home 
I'm so ashamed of me 
My heart is not complete 
I know you walked away 
My heart wants you to stay 


The water's in my eyes 
Can't hide what I feel inside 
I said the tears keep falling down 
I can feel it when you're not around babe 
I've lost control of me 
Yet your love's a shame to see 
I just cannot help myself 
I don't want nobody else 

Sometimes I wanna cry 
Sometimes I wanna die 
Please help me understand 
Why can't my heart just lie? 

[Chorus x3]

Deborah Cox Lyrics

One Wish Lyrics

Things Just Ain't The Same (Dance Mix) Lyrics

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