Faith Evans

Faith Evans

Give It To Me (feat. Puff Daddy)

[Sean "Puffy" Combs]:
Yeah, I like the way this is going down, huh
Check, just soak up, soultry

[Faith Evans]:
[1] - See I can't give up on the way you give it to me
Give it to me
No I can't give up on the way that you give me your love

Repeat [1]

I've been wondering how you can make it better
For me to give you all of my love
And open up the door to my heart, baby, baby
But I don't understand the way you're thinking
Can't help the way that you feel down inside
The love I feel for you I can't hide

Repeat [1] x2

You don't know what you're doing to me
I can't explain the way you make me feel
It holds your body high and it's so real
Real love, everyday and the way that you
Give it to me, give it to me
All the love I need
And baby I hope you never leave

All your love is all I need
Baby don't take your love from me
Your love is so good
Keep on giving it to me
Everyday and everyway
Baby don't take your love from me
Your love is so good

Repeat [1] til end

Faith Evans Lyrics

Faith Evans Lyrics

Give It To Me (feat. Puff Daddy) Lyrics

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