Faith Evans

Keep The Faith

Sunny Days

You turn the rain into sunny days,
You take the clouds away,
Maybe you're the one,
I feel like heaven's a step away,
He sent an angel my way,
Maybe you're the one

[Verse 1:]
I remember when I used to be afraid to love again,
But now I realize that you're the one who brings the sun,


[Verse 2:]
Something real I can feel,
I was searching for,
I didn't wanna hurt no more
Then you came, made a change,
since you came and made it right,
I can love you all my days.


[Verse 3:]
Can you tell me where I would be?
What would I do if I hadn't found you?
Though I've been in love before,
You can be compared to none,
Cause you really bring the sun


[Verse 4:]
I always try to hide the way that I feel,
But I can't lie,
You're the one for me,
You bring me ecstasy


Sunshine in my life,
No more stormy days

Faith Evans Lyrics

Keep The Faith Lyrics

Sunny Days Lyrics

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