Liberty X

Being Somebody


All my life you've been there for me
To show me right from wrong
When i was down you're arms would carry me
when I was weak you were so strong

That's why it's been so hard for me to see you go
I need you in my life
I couldn't say the things I wanted to say
Though I really didn't try to tell you....

If the stars fell from the sky
And if the rivers all run dry
I'll be here with you forever and ever
And if the raindrops never fall
and there's no-one for you to call
I'll still be here with you forever and ever and ever

How can life just be taken away
When you had so much to do
If you were here just for one more day
I could have said these things to you

See I'm all grown up but still a part of you
Now I feel like a child
I never thought tI could feel so lost
I only wish that I had tried to say that...


When you held me
Never knew those arms would go away
I believed you
When you said that you were here to stay
Then I lost you
And I lost myself along the way
I don't know if I can ever find myself again


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Being Somebody Lyrics

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