Liberty X

Being Somebody

The Last Goodbye

Never thought that I could feel the way I feel
Summer's over, clouds appear and all that's left
Are memories
The sands of time rush by oh

Can't even believe that this has been 
More than a daydream
In the silence as the waves crash
We can run from our uncertainties

There's only you and I
As the dawn is breaking and the darknesss
Turns to daylight, we release one
Another from the warmth that kept us

Safe at night, there's nowhere left to run
Wish that I could stay a while lost in
You forever, maybe I'm not strong enough
To face alone the threat of stormy weather

Blinded by the sun

So I've had my cry, no more tears
Tonight, cos the stars are shining brightly
In the sky, so lay down with me
I wanna touch ya like the breeze
This could be our last goodbye

Anytime that you need somebody
By your side, 
I'll be there
Anywhere that you leave , 
you leave a piece of you behind, 
this I swear

You've made a better person out of me
For knowing you there's nowhere left to hide
But while we're outta sight
There's no right or wrong tonight

Hardly can believe the time has come
I gotta leave you lonely
Knew that it was just a little fun

But it's not so easy
I know it's getting harder to let go
And even though I'm gonna miss you so
Time to face reality

Liberty X Lyrics

Being Somebody Lyrics

The Last Goodbye Lyrics

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