No Name Face

Cling And Clatter

Too many voices, It won't take long
Which one's right, which one's wrong
Yours is most likely to be misunderstood
Screaming in tongues
On the top of my lungs
'Til i find you, 'Til you found me
Somehow i always knew that you would
And i am contemplating matters
All this cling and clatter
In my head, and what you said
Is ringing, ringing faster
And it's all good if you would
Stop the world from making sense
And if i could just realize
It doesn't really matter
It doesn't really matter
It doesn't really matter
If i could touch
The sound of silence now
You know i would if i knew how
To make these intentions
Come around
I'm hearing without listening
And believing every word
You are not saying
Speaking without a sound
Trapped inside
Of these four walls
Walking brainless muppet dolls
Mushroom face
Beneath the tangles
Bleeding silhouette inside
Dancing like an angel would

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