Lil' Kim



Gimme all the rhythm and blues niggas then rock the shots of
liquor they
make me cum quicker rub between your belly like jelly R.Kelly
you think
you ballin but your body's callin free fallin all in fuck the
bumpin and
grindin have you jumpin and whinin while I'm climbin i be doin
like Troup body rockin H-Town or Horace Brown watch out now Baby
can pay da rent and cook me five meals what the deal on that
Prince cat
he be lookin kind of fruity but he can still eat the booty
McKnights tight Joe is lookin kinda slow and oh what about
D'Angelo I
want some of that brown sugar and what watch this rap bitch bust
over ya nuts like

Dreams, dreams, dreams of fucking an R&B dick
(dreams of fucking and R&B dick)
Dreams, dreams, dreams of fuckin and R&B dick

I fuck mike sta flyway fuck dem LaDae cats and one on dem
resemble Craig
Mack I need a New Edition I need some Men of Vision pussy eatin
to go to shower pissin I made my Intro getting fucked in the
Pinto now
Im skin deep in da Lexus Jeep peep da Queen sista if I would
fuck wit
Mista they'd be lickin blackberry molasses out my asses Jason
who da
fuck time ya wastin I got no patience for little dick tastin I'd
go Solo so I can get some Heaven and be the fuck out After Seven
All for
One and One for All I swear to God I'd never fuck with none of
yall and
if ya Immature than Im out the door I'm on fire gettin head by
Harlem Boys Choir.


I couldn't find a mall with Kenny Lattimore Montell Jordan ain't
Tevin Campbell niggas like to shamble make him an example with
pussy sample her we go you didn't know Joe was my hoe Tony Rich
my bitch
I got the 112 nuts to bust so just open wide and when Im done
give me a
high five.


You can touch me and tease me as if my name was Case We got to
drink a
pace for me to participate don't playa hate you didn't school
with me Im
icin Bryson that dude down with Groove Theory

[Chorus till end fade out]

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