Seeing Red


It's so raw,
the way she screams it's hardcore
I can't ignore
the way you dress it's hardcore

Maybe I don't wanna live
with my anger 24/7
And maybe I don't wanna give
into the trends they're setting

I don't wanna be hardcore
I don't wanna be hardcore
I don't wanna be hardcore
I don't wanna be hardcore
I don't I don't WELL

You're so bored
never enough you want more
It's got me floored
spike your hair and you call yourself hardcore

Tell me why you wanna live
with your anger 24/7
And tell me why you wanna give
into the trends they're setting


The darkness
Your hardcore your part of the crew
you love this
you love to feel their eyes on you
so why'd you wanna bitch?
why'd you wanna scream?
why'd you want to whine?
why'd you wanna hate?
why'd you wanna push?
why'd you want to fight?

I just wanna live
so don't mind me if
I ask you to fuck off
this world has too much hate in it already
so just shut whatever I guess it helps you get off
Oh ya...Hardcore ya

[Chorus x2]

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