Mandy Moore

So Real

Love You For Always

(1 2 3 4)
Boy I wanna be where you are
Don't matter if you're near or you're far
You fill up my heart all the way to the top
And it's you
I'm lovin for always

Catch me I'm a shooting star
Make a wish
Close your eyes cross your heart
Your love is so rare
And I'm glad that you're here in my arms
I'll love you for always

Dreamin of you tonight
Prayin that you will be mine
Hoping you'll be holding me tight
Never ever letting me go
I need you to know
(1 2 3 4)

You came into my life
Made everything go right
So sweet and tenderly
Unlock my love you've got the key
Ooh I'm so satisfied
This kind of love I just can't hide
I'm gonna love you for always
I'm gonna love you
Love you love you love you love you love you...yeah

Took my heart for a carousel ride
Made me feel
Brand new inside
When I'm with you
All that I seem to do is smile
I'll love you for always

Boy I'm floating on a cloud
I wanna scream and shout it out loud
I found amazing grace
In your eyes
In your face
I'm in love
With you for always


I'm gonna love you
For always it's true
I'm gonna love you for always
I'm gonna love you...for always

(whispers) for always 

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Love You For Always Lyrics

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